Mark Bouras

Los Angeles Guitarist



Mark has been teaching guitar for over 15 years.  He is proficient in guitar theory and teaches all styles of guitar including Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz, Spanish, and Classical.  Serving the greater Los Angeles area Mark provides private guitar lessons to students of all ages and levels.  Online Skype guitar lessons are also available to students Worldwide.

Please contact Mark for rates and inquiries.  Location, 744 North Alfred Street, Los Angeles, CA 90069


Recognized as a multi-faceted musician, Mark is one of LA’s top rated session guitarists.  His recordings have been been featured on many top albums, films and television series.  Available for high quality recordings at his studio or at your preferred location, contact Mark directly to hire him for your next project.

Email contact:  |     Phone & Text: 424.281.4871

h over 15 years of teaching guitar we bring a very professional, fun and easy approach to learning how to play guitar. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player who wants to learn Rock, Blues, Jazz or Classical guitar (or any other style) we have both a great format for learning and a terrific space, right in the heart of Los Angeles, to do it in. Our classes are great for all ages and our students run the spectrum from young kids all the way up. Our lessons also allow you to build your own technique by focusing on the way you play, how you hold the guitar and the type of guitar. Our guitar courses are very specifically tailored to your unique traits. We also offer online Skype training so you can learn how to play guitar fro home! Give us a call to find out about our guitar lessons.